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Ultrasonic Dishwasher


Perfect washing result with Nano-bubble cleaning technology, high-pressure spray by reasonable combination 

and comprehensive role.

Different processes for different kinds of dishware, to achieve thorough cleaning without residue.

To remove bacteria during washing, physical disinfection, safe and reliable, no chemical residues, high speed 

and efficiency, up to 100% cleaning and up to 99.9% bacteria removal.

Any shape of dishware, whether it is ordinary porcelain, stainless steel, or even melamine material, 

it can be quickly washed as long as it’s submerged.

Unique washing method, full range of simultaneous 3D cleaning, highly effective at reaching inaccessible 

and hard to clean areas.

Quickly emulsified the grease on the dishware, vibrating off the dirty and invisible bacteria from

 the surface of the dishware.

No need for special detergent, drying agent. A small amount of household dishwashing 

Liquid will do, great cost savings.

Good and fast in fruit, vegetable, crab, prawn and any other food  washing as well.


Washing process