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Ultrasonic Vegetable Washer

Ultrasonic Washers use powerful sound pressure wave to create many microscopic vacuum bubbles in the water that attack, 

kill or remove all germs,bacteria, chemicals, dirt and other contaminants on the surface of vegetables, fruits and seafoods.


Eliminate tedious, time- consuming and tiring manuallwashing and cleaning process to improve productivity.

➢Ensue that washing and cleaning of vegetables, fruits and seafoods are hassle-free, fast, thorough and effective to

meet the expectations of consumers consistently.

➢Unique washing method with full range of simultaneous 3D cleaning effect to reach out to inaccessible and 

hard to clean areas.

➢Able to quickly vibrate off invisible germs, bacteria,chemicals, dirt and other contaminants from the surface of

the vegetables, fruits and seafoods.

➢No splashing of water so as to keep workplace dry and clean.

➢No special detergent is required.


Washing process